Mojo is a Cuban marinade and sauce used in many different ways. From Chicken marinated in mojo and grilled, to pork marinated and cooked in mojo at Christmas; as a salad dressing, or as a sauce for fried yuca. It’s uses in the Cuban kitchen are endless. Actually, when I stop and think about it, my mom marinated baby-back ribs and then cooked them in mojo before putting BBQ sauce on them, so pervasive was this mojo in our cooking that it made it’s way into non-Cuban recipes. As it turns out, we Cubans aren’t the only ones who love the stuff, my husband and all my friends seem love it too!

7 Limes
1 Small Onion or 1/2 a large onion
12 Garlic Cloves
1/4 Cup or one large Naranja Agria (Sour Orange) – if you can’t find this you may substitute with two limes and one orange
1 Tbsp Salt
1 Tsp Black Pepper

Finely dice the onion and crush the garlic then place in a zip top bag.

Next juice the limes and Sour orange and to the onion and garlic along with the salt and pepper.

You’re done, seriously it’s that easy, i feel almost guilty writing this down as a recipe…

Here’s how I like to use it in the summer:

Marinade Chicken Thighs in it for no less than an hour, but as long as two days. Grill, slice and serve over a tomato and avocado salad.


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  1. Karen says:

    Having lived in Florida for many years, I can’t do without mojo. I used to have a sour orange tree in my yard while living in Miami but here in New England it is hard to find even buy bottled sour orange. When necessary, I just add some lemon or lime to regular orange juice.

    1. cuisinedemma says:

      Hi Karen, Yeah for some reason sour orange does not seem to be exported widely. I find that odd as it is the same Orange that the Brits make their beloved marmalade from, so it’s not just a Latin/Caribbean food staple. I have found that Badia, as pictured in the article, actually tastes like it’s made from real sour orange unlike so many of the other ones on the market. Worth a try if you are ever seriously craving it. Thank for posting and let me know if you ever find sour orange!

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