Here is a compilation of links to all the sites I go to for culinary inspiration.

Please note that I am not paid to list these sites, they are honest to goodness inspiration and recommendations. The list is up to date and will change and grow over time. If at some point someone decides they want to pay me, which would be awesome, I will indicate that.

Jamie Oliver’s Best Bits – This site has videos of all of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, these are the only 30 minute meal shows I have ever been inspired watching. He is cooking real food, unlike some of the other 30 minute meal shows which dumb down recipes and leave you feeling that no good meal can happen in only 30 minutes, his inspires you and proves that a good meal can not only be done in 30 minutes but that it can consist of more than pasta with tuna out of a can. As an American, I can’t get these shows on TV, so I watch them here. Huge thank you to the creator of the blog!

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