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The two things without which there would be no great cuisine are fresh ingredients and good equipment. The first should be self evident, no amount of sugar in a tomato sauce will recreate the natural sweetness of a vine ripened tomato, 3 year old herbs will never taste as good as freshly dried, and a crappy wine will only make a crappy sauce.

In a similar manner a bad pan will not heat evenly, thus burning half your omelet and barely cooking the other half. I can’t tell you how many expensive pots and pans have passed through my kitchen only to be tossed, with much anger, in the trash. Nothing is as upsetting as buying a new knife set to find that it doesn’t hold its edge as well as it should, or a new copper lined pan for $250 dollars that doesn’t heat properly.

It is in the hopes of saving others the same heartbreak and let’s face it, financial loss, that I have gone ahead and created this little online store. All these items are ones I use in my kitchen and have been with me for years. I have a feeling you will be surprised at some of my selections. Just goes to show that cost isn’t always a good indicator of quality.

My Online Store

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