Paris 2012 – Part 1, Marche Bio

This post marks continued coverage of our whirlwind trip to Florida, London and Paris in 2012.

Paris is a city known for it’s culinary prowess, however, it is remarkably easy to have a terrible meal there. More and more restaurants in the “center” are starting to take short cuts previously reserved for Applebee’s and TGI Fridays. Now, those of you who know me might be rolling your eyes and calling me a food snob, to that I say, ha, oh and read this article, it proves my point. While they are trying to do something to alert consumers to restaurants that are using these shortcuts, until there is a way to know, the best option is to try and find a place which is well rated/reviewed or at the very least frequented by people who speak french and look like they might live there. Menus in English and cheerful waiters who speak flawless english are, we have found, warning signs that should not be ignored. On the bright side, even these “horrible” meals are fairly decent by our US standards, the vegetables taste amazing, the wine is always decent at worst, and the bread does not taste like cardboard. The posts in this series however, are about a few great places we went, so let us move on.

Part 1 of my three part Paris series highlights the wonders of the Marché Bio on Boulevard Raspail. This is the “fancy” market where the fashionable parisians and expats, including the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, go to buy their expensive produce and food stuffs. We had  been to a couple of other markets the last time we were in Paris but had avoided this one due to it’s reputation of being quite expensive. This time around however, we were taking my husband’s parents on their first ever European vacation and we wanted to go somewhere nice to experience a quintessential, maybe even idealized, Parisian market. The idea was to go to the market on Sunday morning, since most of the city is closed this day anyway, grab some food and wine, and have a leisurely picnic in the Jardins du Luxembourg, enjoying the peaceful rhythm of Sundays in Paris. This market turned out to be the perfect choice! The experience was what you dream of when you are planning your Parisian market trip, the food was delicious, the wine superb, the gardens were lovely and the day was spent quite leisurely.

Gorgeous sausages
Gorgeous sausages were on sale at this stand. I remember being intrigued by the long roll of  sausage that they just cut off with a knife as you ordered it. I desperately wished we had rented a flat this time around so I could make a nice dinner with some of the gorgeous foods we saw here.
Beautiful organic chickens
Beautiful organic chickens
Gorgeous, organic produce
Gorgeous, organic produce
Amazing tomatoes, we bought a few and they were as tasty as they looked!
Amazing tomatoes, we bought a few and they were as tasty as they looked! For those who have never been to Europe, or who have never eaten fresh fruits and vegetables in Europe. They seem to do something different with their produce which makes it taste orders of magnitude better than what we get in the states. The closest I have found here is when I eat vegetables that I grow in my own garden or, more realistically, that come from the garden of a friend who doesn’t kill everything they plant. These tomatoes, were some of the best we have ever had.
More gorgeous produce
Their fantastic array of tomatoes, we actually got a few, one from each basket.
Closeup of beautiful flowers
Closeup of beautiful flowers, I think these are my new favorite kind of flower.
Beautiful flowers
Beautiful flowers and such variety
Scorching the feathers from the poulet bio
Scorching the feathers from the poulet bio, this is the same stall as the one above. Not sure if you can see it, but the chicken still has it’s feet.
Expert butchering of the poulets
Expert butchering of the poulets
Onion and potato tarts/pancakes which smelled heavenly.
Onion and potato galettes which smelled heavenly.
The onion and potato tart stand.
The onion and potato galette stand.

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  1. Farah says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Can’t wait for part 2! 🙂

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